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Beginners Guide On How To Use Microsoft Word In The Workplace

Beginners guide on how to use Microsoft word in the workplace so you can get on with your work day since Microsoft word can be complicated at times

What It Can Do For You

This guide is a step by step, photo by photo on what you may not know and what you do know. Therefore making your life easier and getting on with your documents.

Easy as 1 2 3

What’s nice about this guide is it starts from the beginning so you can learn right away on how to start a document and end it.

Sometimes just trying to print a document can be a challenge. Fortunately this step by step goes over it with you.

Number or Bullet list

Clients looking to number or bullet a list for employees or co-workers can use this step by step.

  1. Now open or start a new Microsoft Word document if you do not already have one open.
  2. So that you can create a numbered list, click on the numbering icon at the top of the document.
  3. You will see the first number will now be inserted into your text.
  4. Try typing the first item on your list.
  5. Once you press the Enter or Return key to go to the next line, the next number will be inserted and so on.
  6. When you want to stop the numbers being inserted and go back to standard text, click on the numbering icon again at the top of the document.
  7. Now you want to create a bullet list. Click on the bullets icon at the top of the screen in the menu ribbon.
  8. You will see a bullet point will be inserted into your text.
  9. While typing your list. Every time you press the Enter key to go to the next line, a new bullet will be inserted.
  10. In conclusion to stop bullets being inserted, click on the bullets icon again.
Beginners Guide On How To Use Microsoft Word In The Workplace

As you may find out this is not a full extended deep dive into Microsoft word but it is a start. Starting from the beginning is the best result when it comes to figuring out something on Microsoft word.

Suggestion would be to click the Read More because it shows you a picture by picture, step by step on how to do things with in Microsoft word.

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