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Secure Data Protection

Endpoint Protection

  • The best protection for laptop, desktops and servers running Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Deploys and manages on-premise or through cloud-managed security services by BlackBox
  • Protection from malicious and inappropriate websites.
Endpoint Protection
XG Firewall

XG Firewall

  • Fully-featured network firewall for (SDP) Secure Data Protection.
  • All the advanced security features made simple to manage by BlackBox Connections
  • Includes firewall secure data protection for email, web browsing, VPN, Wi-Fi and more.

Secure Wi-Fi

  • Turns your UTM Firewall into a powerful wireless firewall controller for secure data protection.
  • Extends your Wi-Fi signal to hard-to-wire areas down the hall or outside.
  • Secure, easy, customizable guest access.
Secure Wi-Fi

Endpoint ProtectionXG Firewall

Security Heartbeat

  • Synchronizing your security system.
  • Accelerated discovery of advanced threats.
  • Active identification of compromised systems.
Email Protection

Email Protection

  • Blocks spam and phishing attacks with a secure data protection email filter.
  • Integrated into your UTM Firewall.
  • Encrypts, digitally signs and filters for personal information on all of your outbound email.

Server Security

  • Guards your virtual and physical servers from malware and virus.
  • Get proactive detection without sacrificing server performance.
  • Secure Data Protection for your server.

Secure Web

  • Blocks web threats in real time, whether on the business network or the coffee shop network.
  • Web filtering by people or time using a variety of secure data protection options.
  • Secure data protection for reputation filtering protects against thousands of infected websites.

Mobile Control

  • Complete mobile security and device management using a web-based console.
  • On-premise installation or cloud based, hosted by your MSP (Managed Service Provider).
  • Works on business and personal smartphones and tablets.

SafeGuard Encryption

  • Protects data on computers, shared folders, removable devices and in the cloud.
  • Provides secure data protection by full-disk encryption for desktop, laptops.
  • Allows management of security policies and data protection from a single management center.
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