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Wordpress Website & SEO

Website & SEO Built for Search

  • Convert your existing Website
  • Easily improve your content for SEO
  • Easy to use drag and drop builders
  • Improve your Website layout & design

BlackBox Connections Website & SEO services improves your business reputation and gives you back control of your website. A properly built website will attract the search engine bots and move you up the page ranks quickly. Get control of your website to add your own content and updates.

Website & SEO Hosting

  • Website hosting installation & configuration
  • Domain name setup
  • DNS configuration
  • Hosting server optimization
A website is more than content. It’s an application that requires a reliable server and internet connection along with a way for your visitor to find you.
Website & SEO Hosting
Website & SEO Development

Website & SEO Development

  • Website optimization plugins
  • Meet and exceed SEO requirements
  • Website backups
  • Analytics & reporting
The Website application is made up of applets that include the latest and best techniques to ensure your content is recognized by search engines and kept safe from hackers or glitches.

Website & SEO Content & Design

  • Custom built using template theme
  • Page layout
  • Lead generation
  • Forms plavement

The layout & design work basically gives your website an outline of the website. The design for your pages, headers, images, graphics for your content area. The creation, insertion and placement of content to describe items, your logo to brand your business, your fonts and font sizes etc.

Website & SEO Layout & Design
Website & SEO Maintenance

Website & SEO Maintenance

  • Theme and plugin updates & patches
  • Content review
  • SEO checks
  • Status reports

To keep your website competitive the programs that run your website need to be current. Any one part of a website that does not follow current best practices will cause loss of page rank.

Website & SEO Training

  • Understand how to operate your Website
  • Create effective content for SEO
  • Learn the tricks of the trade
  • Keep on top of it yourself

Cut costs and keep your website fresh yourself. We will show you how to access and update your website properly.

Website & SEO Training
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