2-Step Verification

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Stop your corporate data from meeting up with people you don’t know in the cloud!
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2-step verification for 12 popular websites
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“For every lock, there is someone trying to pick it or break in.”

Corporate Information & The Cloud…What’s The Big Deal?


Intercepting and getting ahold of your information is too easy now a days – using a two-step verification will help however!  It is easy for people to access two of three requirements to access your information…take a moment to think.

1st, a browser and internet connection, that’s relatively easy; and 2nd, your email address, which for the most part is available online. And the 3rd requirement is your password.

Let me ask….Have you saved your password in a browser cache?  Or how about on a written a sticky note…or shared with others?  So many little places, that most of us forget about or don’t realize.

Unfortunately people do not respect a password as much as they should.  Use a password management tool and/or add another requirement to access information – two-step verification.

Two-step verification requires proving two things – a thing you know, and a thing you have.  The thing you know is your password.  The thing you have is your phone.  Therefore, having the phone and approving the request meets the criteria for the second factor of authentication.

So now what?  EASY!  Get your business set up with a two-step verification process so that ALL INFORMATION that is accessed in the cloud is protected!

To get protection give us a call at 587-355-1566.

2-step verification process
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“I love it when you use the same password for everything!”
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