4 Levels of Present Day Security your Business should Obtain

The 4 Levels of present day security your business should obtain include Network, Device, Application, and File Levels. You need to ensure modern day methods are deployed to protect you from the ever growing and mutating malware as it continues to hunt our businesses.

Present Day Security

Have you put any thought into your current security as it stands? At times believing that, what is installed on your existing computer will keep you secure is totally false and you could be in serious trouble of leaking out client information.

1. Network

Hackers are trying anything they can like spear-phishing, unsecured file share monitoring, and following traffic flow over the web. Network security is a great start including secure Firewalls, Encryption, and Authentication techniques.

2. Device

As mobile devices are becoming the new laptop in a pocket. Securing that device is necessary. I am sure you are hearing stories over the news about peoples mobile devices being hacked, and there is a good chance of you being the next story. Device encryption and container-tools are options to consider.

3. Applications

With the ever growing leakage of user information, Studies show 45% of apps on iOS and 87% of apps on Android have privacy-invasive behaviors. By locking down your business critical apps with a device containers like Samsung’s KNOX can keep you safe.

4. Files

File Sharing and cloud apps are fast becoming the bread and butter of all businesses. Entry level file sharing is typically very weak. Deploying end-to-end, in-transit, on-server, and on-device encryption on all devices, is now the modern way of living.

4 Levels of Present Day Security your Business should Obtain

Now that you have an idea of the 4 levels of present day security, what can you do to make your company thrive without breaches? We obviously only touched the surface of what security measures can be taken but its a start.

So don’t wait for something to happen!


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