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Alt Text

How Will Alt Text Impact Your Website?

Also known as “alt tag” or “title tag” which is actually the abbreviation from “alt attibutes”.

What are these?  These reference the description of the images on your website.  Have you ever visited a site and when you hovered over a picture a description popped up?  Well that’s what we are talking about…that little description.  

Images have the ability to create a vivid picture for your visitors, but it will also help visitors who may be blind or visually impaired, as it will “describe” what the picture is about.  Search Engine Crawlers also use these “tags” to find content on your site however…which in turn can have an impact on your website traffic.

As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  For your website that can be true, but we still need to define some “behind the scene” details of these images in order for it to help with your SEO (search engine optimization).  Google and other Search Engines place a high value on alt texts, so if you want to get more traffic…this need to be done! 

First off, you want to make sure you are using Good-Quality photos as this is appealing to potential customers and keeps them looking around.  Any images that are blurry, unclear or just make no sense for your topic can have a negative impact for you. 

Another IMPORTANT thing to remember as well, is that you NEVER want to “keyword stuff” your text.  What we mean by that is that filling in ANY kind of keywords for one picture will not give you a good result.  In fact it will be negative for your SEO and can be looked at as “SPAM“.    


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