Are Funds Going In The Right Direction To Secure Your Data

Are funds going in the right direction to secure your data? Seems like any easy enough question.

If you were to sit down with your IT Support or Manager and ask them if your security was up to pair would that be enough?

Times are tough and businesses are not investing enough time or money into protecting their data.

Therefore when asked if your company’s data is secure would you have an answer?

Would you say, “I think so”, “I’m not sure”, “My in house IT knows” and “My budget won’t allow it”

These types of answers are scary because you are leaving your company’s data in the unknown.

Research Shows

Despite the increasing number of data breaches and nearly 1.4 billion data records being lost or stolen in 2016.

59 percent of companies think their sensitive data is secure and 68 percent think a hacker could access their network.

Why leave it up to chance when you wouldn’t leave your car keys in the car just because no one has ever stolen them.

Are Funds Going In The Right Direction To Secure Your Data?

A major Canadian company was forced to pay $425,000 in Bitcoin over the weekend to restore its computer systems.

It was said, “They literally had not choice but to pay” because the backups were frozen.

Although the forensic investigation is in its early stages, the attack was very sophisticated.

By believing that their data is already secure, businesses are failing to prioritize the measures necessary to protect their data.

Businesses need to be aware that hackers are after a company’s most valuable asset, which is Data!

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