Are You Finding It Difficult To Use OneNote By Microsoft Office 365

Are you finding it difficult to use OneNote by Microsoft Office 365? No worries we got you covered.

Maybe your learning about Microsoft Office 365’s tools and would like to learn more?

Getting Started

Among the few things in OneNote is creating a workbook in the cloud, adding sections, pages and taking notes.

Sharing meeting notes is so essential and a powerful tool so that everyone can be on the same page.

Capture, organize and share are just so valuable and OneNote provides all of that.

In The Cloud

Since it’s in the cloud, your hard drive is free of space and your notes are always up to date.

A wonderful feature we like is the fact that you can access OneNote anywhere and on your mobile device securely.

Versions It Supports

For now it is supporting Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1 and Windows 10

How It Works

OneNote is made up of sections, pages and features like color coding.

The pages never run out of space, and you can add as many sections as you want.

Take Notes Now

OneNote provides many ways to take notes, typing, writing, drawing, sketching, speaking, copying.

An awesome feature we like is being able to copy and paste a URL right to the pages or sections.

Are You Finding It Difficult To Use OneNote By Microsoft Office 365

If your having difficulty with OneNote don’t wait, click the Read More button below.

It is a tutorial from Microsoft and a step by step with pictures.

If you are on the edge about using OneNote? Consult a professional and see it it works for your company.

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