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BlackBox Connections Newsletter – Privacy and Security

Dec 1, 2017

This month’s topic:

Privacy and Security

Do you know the difference between privacy and security? Understanding how these two concepts work together, and how they differ, is key to improving our overall defense. From policies and compliance regulations, to using common sense and staying alert, privacy and security have one common goal in mind: guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data. Achieving that goal is a responsibility we all share!

In this month’s Security Newsletter, learn how privacy and security work together in the protection of information.

Read this Month’s Security Newsletter
by BlackBox Connections

Click the link below to access the Security Newsletter

BlackBox Connections December 2017 Newsletter.PDF


Quick Tips

There are three types of insider threats: accidental, negligent and malicious.

Read the security newsletter for 5 immediate steps to take if you fall victim to identity theft.

Important Note for Mac users

Apple has released a critical update for Mac users running the newest High Sierra operating system that addresses a major security vulnerability. View the below link for more information on how you can make sure your Mac is on the newest update.

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