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Social Engineering & Phishing Newsletter

Nov 9, 2017

Trust is an important component of our lives but should not be taken lightly. Too much trust in the wrong person is a leading factor in many breaches and instances of identity theft. Leveraging different techniques, cyber-criminals are preying on our trust to open new doors for their scams.

In this Newsletter, learn about the various forms of social engineering and phishing, as well as the steps that you can look for to avoid being the next victim.

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by BlackBox Connections

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BlackBox Connections November 2017 Newsletter.PDF

Quick Tips

Social Engineers are using various techniques to put you in a place of distress to get you to fall for their bait.  Keep your emotions in check and think rationally.

Always treat request for money or sensitive information with a high degree of skepticism.

by BlackBox Connections

Topic:  Social Engineering & Phishing