Website Tip #10

Content Optimization

Crucial for your online marketing!

Content Optimization can make or break your online marketing process.  The truth is, if you are not set up properly…you won’t be found!

“Content is King” is what we hear when someone talks about websites.   We agree, BUT the real question is how important is content if you can’t be found?!

The goal for any business online is to be found when someone is doing a search!  To help with Content Optimization you need to focus on 4 key areas:


  1. Optimizing Text – This includes Title Tags, Meta Descriptions & Keywords and URL’s
  2. Optimizing Images – This includes Alt Tags, Image Tags, Filenames & File Size
  3. Optimizing Videos – This includes Video Titles, Video Descriptions & On-site Optimization
  4. Optimizing News – This includes any Blogs, News section in a website, Social Media or other Communication Outlets


By carefully and correctly optimizing your site you continue reading…


I know it may all sounds a little boring…possibly a little overwhelming, but not to worry, we can handle it for you …just give us a call or send a message!

Plan to Increase Your Ranking with Search Engines and help people find you!

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