Customer Service Experience Starts With You First

Customer service experience starts with you first can seem cliche and simple enough right?

Well it is no surprise that just 1 or 2 bad experiences with a customer can lead in disaster.

If things are not handled in a professional way you can be left looking for a new client.

But we all know that if one customer gets an exceptional experience they will be back for more.

How is that possible? How can our customer service be so good that it merits a referral?

Customer Service Employee Empowerment

The first step toward employee empowerment is engagement and make it your mission.

Make your mission a part of everything your organization does.

Structure your team so employees can work independently to solve customer problems and think creatively.

Measure qualitative and quantitative feedback, and not just how many cases or tickets they resolve in a given day.

Drive Technology To Work For You

At times words cannot always work over the phone or in person.

So using tools like screenshots, GIFs, and videos can make a process move quicker then the normal.

When it comes to communicating technical concepts or processes, videos are the best if possible.

Videos and pictures don’t need to be fancy to work and at times can be easier then a long drawn out conversation.

Customer Service Experience Starts With You First

Since customer service starts with you give your clients options the first time you interact with them.

Whether this means creating interactive quizzes, offering free demos or trials and backup products.

Ask customers how they like to be contacted, and provide service in the mode that works best for them.

Finally time spent away from the queue isn’t time wasted because you’re dedicating time during your week to identifying patterns, analyzing data, and creating processes to work more efficiently is time spent wisely.

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