How Is Your OneDrive Or Office 365 Giving You Full Data Backup

How is your OneDrive or Office 365 giving you full data backup and Is it important to you?

I’d hope so because your work could be going out the window at any point and you wouldn’t know it.

Understanding Microsoft’s backup and retention policies can be difficult, therefore let’s try to break it down.


Data loss is often a major concern and destructive for Office 365 customers, how so?

Well Microsoft’s backup policies cannot guarantee a complete and speedy restore of lost data.

Even when data is retrievable, the process is long and therefore complicated.

Retention policies and processes vary for each application included in the cloud platform.


Collaboration can be put in jeopardy due to user error, hacking, sync issues, and possible malicious insiders cause data loss.

OneDrive only stores the most recent version of your content and not the entire history.

There is no way to access previous drafts therefore data is now lost, should you need your drafts.

The recycle bin within OneDrive has a default retention period of 90 days consequently files after that cannot be restored.

How Is Your OneDrive Or Office 365 Giving You Full Data Backup

Microsoft MVP Brien Posey said. “The sad truth is that you might not have as many options for restoring your data as you might think”.

It is critically important to understand your options and disaster recovery in your Office 365 environment.

Item level recovery protects an organization against deleting items such as messages and mailboxes.

The recovery of a corrupt mailbox and provision for reverting a mailbox server to an earlier point is not possible.

Give another thought to how important your data is to you because you could be losing it as you read this.

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