How to use the AutoRecover and AutoBackup Features in Excel

How to use the AutoRecover and AutoBackup features in Excel is a great tool to know. Sitting down and writing, creating, documenting, your information for work can all go down the drain because it was not saved. Now you have to try to recover information from your brain memory.

Accidents Do Happen

Fortunately for the consumer, Microsoft has come out with some solutions to reduce the chance of:

  • Forgetting to save
  • Power outages
  • Spilled coffee on keyboard
  • Crashes
  • Blue Screen
  • Computer restarts
  • Accidentally deleting documents
Food for Thought

Always remember to stop, think, and proceed on the task at hand because trying to do all the things you would like to do in one day will make you forget to save your progress that you’ve been working on.

Configure Options

Configuring both options, AutoRecover and AutoBackup can secure a better chance of you not losing your important information that you’ve been working on. This is an important step to saving time and money!

Cloud Options

New versions of Office allow you to have AutoRecover and AutoBackup options to the your cloud file sharing app. Saving to a cloud app is an excellent option if say, your hard drive crashes.

How to Use the AutoRecover and AutoBackup Features in Excel

AutoRecover: Click on File and then Options. Click on Save in the left-hand menu and you’ll see the AutoRecover option under Save Workbooks. By default, AutoRecover information is saved every 10 minutes. Which you can configure to your liking.

AutoBackup: First, go to save your file to get to the Save dialog box. If you already have a saved Excel document, go to File and then Save As and choose a location. When you do this, it’ll bring up the Save As dialog. In the dialog, click on the Tools button that is to the left of the Save button. You’ll see a couple of options, one of which is General Options. When you click on General Options, a small window will appear with some more options. Go ahead and check the Always create backup box. Click OK and now when you save the file, an Excel backup file will also be created with a .XLK extension.


We hope this helps shed some light on How to use the AutoRecover and AutoBackup Features in Excel and makes your life easier by saving you time at a critical moment. There is a more play by play in the Read More Button below if you need more help.


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