How You Can Keep Productivity Flowing While On Vacation

How you can keep productivity flowing while on vacation can seem impossible right?

Well don’t get yourself down before you even start planning a great trip!

There is a good and a bad about taking vacations for sure, but the pay off is well worth it.

Vacations make you happier. They’re good for your health. They align with personal goals and provide you with perspective.

When on vacation other stresses arise.  Like emails, new prospects, new clients, not knowing what’s going on in the office.

What could be done?

Well let’s outline a few strategies and find out a few key goals to a successful vacation.

Plan Ahead With Your Manager or Your Team

Your manager or team is your partner in success. Work with them to create a plan that makes you both feel confident about the break.

Don’t think there is ever a bad time to plan and Increase activity before you leave.

Figure out what needs to be done and hit your target, say you have 20 emails to send out a month.

Well make sure you calculate that they are sent out on time and are taken care of while your away.

How You Can Keep Productivity Flowing While On Vacation

Maintain focus and do a deep dive on opportunities that need your attention.

Let your manager or team step in if need be and If you feel you have to, check emails on vacation.

Limit your time spent on emails to 30 minutes a day, so you don’t ruin your vacation.

As an owner encourage your team to take vacations so they can unwind and come back refreshed.

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