Knowing The Right Apparatus For Your Computer Systems

Knowing the right apparatus for your computer systems can be difficult. Therefore issues are common with updates, enhancements, corrections or anti-malware.

Always Keeping Up To Date

Windows is always releasing updates to provide a more secure atmosphere for their users. Therefore many ask themselves, “Do I have a backup plan for when things fail?”

What Do Updates Do?

Updates typically download virtually automatically. In addition you can pick updates yourself. Hence Microsoft updates provide Windows PC’s with:

  • The most recent security updates for your OS
  • OS updates to improve performance and reliability
  • Device drivers from both Microsoft and other companies
Upgrading Your System

Minor versions of Windows updates may be available through Microsoft updates. Microsoft Download Center is a good spot for updates and upgrades.

  1. Optional Updates:  Since updates are optional a user can review and choose to install or not to install;
    • Offers for new or trial MS Windows software
    • Updated device drivers from non-Microsoft companies
  2.  Recommended Updates:  Enhances the computing OS experience improving performance;
    • Revised contents of Help files
    • Features for the Windows OS
    • New features for other Microsoft software
  3. Important Updates: Especially relevant toward security and reliability;
    • Security and privacy updates
    • Updates for detection of non-genuine Microsoft software
Security Updates

The second Tuesday of every month is the day Microsoft distributes a security update globally. As well emergency updates are distributed when deemed necessary because of a possible exploitation.

Update Error Solutions
  • Check Internet Connection
  • Start Supporting Services
  • Check Firewalls
  • Check Anti-Virus
Knowing The Right Apparatus For Your Computer Systems

As this is just an outline for Microsoft updates and upgrades one can click the “Read More” button or contact our Support Team at BlackBox Connections.



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