Mac Malware records Sessions during your video Chats

New Mac Malware records Sessions during your video Chats. Are you aware of this? Is there anything to be done about this new Mac malware that could be exploited vastly?

Tape Proof

Mark Zuckerberg tapes he’s laptop, you could too but once the tape comes off your still vulnerable to this Malware attack. Which gives a hacker the opportunity to record your session.

Spying on You

Patrick Wardle, a former NASA Director devised an attack that monitors your Mac activities while your using your webcam, which is clever since you’d never notice since the green light is on.

Wardle says that the webcam indicator light on Macs is hardware based. It’s not possible to power up the webcam and hide it from the user, as it can be done on other devices

Since the green indicator light is on, this new Mac Malware can record video and audio sessions without detection. That gives users no warning that a Third-party can record everything.

You may not recognize Wardle but he’s exposed how the dating app Grindr leaked user location data, and how Apple was slow to patch a security flaw that Microsoft handled years earlier in Windows.

Mac Malware records Sessions during your video Chats

This new Malware for Mac could do even more harm because it can act as leverage by recording technologies and APIs that are already in the operating system so that the malware wouldn’t be detected or blocked.

The End Result

Covering your Webcam endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg seems like the best way to handle it but it may be time to check with your IT provider as it is a new Malware problem that may concern you.

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