Make Changing Your Company’s Social Media Password A Habit

Make changing your company’s social media password a habit because bad password habits can put company accounts at risk.

Internet Of Things

Study shows much as 53 percent of social network users don’t change their company account passwords within the year.

Furthermore study shows that 20 percent of social network users have not ever changed their company account passwords.

Why Change Your Password

You and i know that social networks hold our private information also handing out our information without telling us.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts can be the normal venue for companies to post and share information.

Security Hazard

Without changing your company password you’re allowing hackers other facets into your company most noteworthy emails and computer logins.

Security Professionals

30 percent of security professionals still admit that they use birthdays, addresses, and children names for company passwords.

This is a huge vulnerability because all of these types of security measures can be public knowledge.

Day To Day Security

It’s pretty bad that security professionals that work day in and day out, still are using poor security measures.

45 percent of respondents say they believe privileged accounts accounted for at least half of the cyber attacks.

In addition many believe security is not going to get better because of poor protocol and lack of cyber security.

Make Changing Your Company’s Social Media Password A Habit

Keeping your enterprise safe from Ransomware, Phishing Emails, and Hackers should be more then a habit.

Sometimes the know how or where to look can be difficult.

Most of all don’t wait for your computer systems to tell you when to change your password.

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