New One Day Ransomware Strain Pops Up Over The Weekend

New one day Ransomware strain pops up over the weekend and it was believed that towards the end of 2016 Ransomware declined.


Keeping up with the Internet Of Things can be difficult these days also new strains of Ransomware popping up every week.

Hence this weeks Ransomware was dubbed PyCL because it’s programmed in Python also researchers saw it running through the EITest malware.

Were You Infected?

Seems like this Ransomware went out for only one day therefore it actually did not encrypt any files this time.

Therefore this could mean that this Ransomware was a test or seems like something else.

Issues With Businesses Today

improper backup of systems seems to plague the work place therefore could it be because of budget?

Surveys Don’t Lie

Survey shows that 75 per cent of Canadian respondents paid the ransom to unlock their computer systems consequently.

Did They Get Their Files Back?

All respondents did say that even after paying the ransom consequently they did not get all their files back or unlocked.

It’s especially relevant that Ransomware is out to get your companies files for money not cooperate and give it back.

New One Day Ransomware Strain Pops Up Over The Weekend

Family strains of Ransomware is popping up therefore it would be most noteworthy to:

  • Make sure your computer systems are up to date
  • Maintenance to servers and back ups
  • Have a protocol in place for email exchanging

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