Tension Arises Impostor Emails Lurk

Tension arises impostor emails lurk, do you have a back up plan for your business? Well if you don’t, it may be time to get one. The growing threat is getting bigger than ever and impostors are not making it easier on you. There is a 260 per cent increase in identity theft since 2015 in impostor emails. It is also said that there has been a $3.1 Billion loss, due to email fraud worldwide, in the past 3 years to businesses.

Time for a Wake up Call

No one is immune to fraudulent emails or fake emails and businesses, small or large, are a huge target. This is a Global issue and sitting back and waiting for something to happen is not the key to success. Yes, large companies make the news but small businesses typically mean, that their business could end.

How Does it Work?

These types of impostor emails are well calculated, timed, researched, and executed. Impostors do their research well and easy enough because there is social media and company websites, which makes it possible to see patterns and structures of how the company operates. It has even been reported that they will wait for CEO or CFO to go on vacation and strike at a window of opportunity, an employee gets an urgent email completely identical to the CEO or CFO, follows procedure, funds transferred and impostor wins.

Is there a quick fix?

Unfortunately no, after a quick funds transfer not much can be traced for the impostor and the company is now at a loss. This is where extra precaution, procedure, and technology can take a huge roll in success over this overwhelming change of events and stolen goods. Our team here at BlackBox Connections would like to offer our services to show such proper procedure to combat this ever growing Virus.

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