You Think Pokemon Go has Full Access to Your Accounts?

You should know that the company that actually created the Pokemon Go app is Niantic. The developer is a former Google subsidiary run by a former CIA employee.

Do You Think Pokemon Go has Full Access to Your Accounts?

The Controversy

Click on that “learn more” button and you’ll be guided to a website with the following confusing information:

When you grant full account access, the application can see and modify nearly all information in your Google Account (but it can’t change your password, delete your account, or pay with Google Wallet on your behalf).

Certain Google applications may be listed under full account access. For example, you might see that the Google Maps application you downloaded for your iPhone has full account access.

This “Full account access” privilege should only be granted to applications you fully trust, and which are installed on your personal computer, phone, or tablet.

If you’ve granted full account access to an app you don’t trust or recognize, we recommend that you revoke this permission by clicking the Revoke access button.

Limit a potential security breach

Apps such as Pokemon Go do present a security breach. Employees are using their personal or company phone to access company data and install any App they want. You need to take precautions. Here are 3 quick steps to minimize Apps like Pokemon Go access to your accounts:

  1. Go to your Google Security page and look for Pokemon Go (and all other games and app)
  2. Select the games or apps title and remove or revoke the “Full Access”
  3. Remember to relaunch it to make sure it works still.

Its so simple – you just need to do it!

How do you ensure phones are secure all the time?

You need to secure your WiFi and any phone that has access to your company email and company files. Contact BlackBox Connections to find out how you can do this for FREE.

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