Can Ransomware Be Prevented or Is It Just Old News

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Can Ransomware Be Prevented

Can Ransomware Be Prevented or Is It Just Old News? Have you been hearing about ransomware more recently than ever? If you have, it’s probably because it’s getting worse and worse. ESG Makers of Anti-Malware program SpyHunter, Has just released numbers that shows April was the worst month recorded for ransomware.

Why? Ransomware works, simple as that

Typically ransomware infects computer users with the destruction of data through encryption and if they don’t pay a ransom to the hackers who created the encryption, you mid as well say goodbye to your data.

Several high profile cases of ransomware have made national and international headlines in the last few weeks as infections have hit hospitals, school districts, Small Businesses and other governmental offices including police organizations.

Ransomware in April more than doubled the total from March

Ryan Gerding, Spokesperson for ESG said “The more people give in to the demands, the more encouraged the ransomware makers become”.

The company reports that from January to February there was 19.3 percent increase in the number of ransomware incidences detected, and February to March saw another increase of 9.4 percent. But the huge increase from March to April at 158.8 percent. Is going in the record books for sure. but you could still be asking yourself,

Can Ransomware Be Prevented or Is It Just Old News? Try This
  1. Regularly backup your datat on an external device or to the cloud. That way, if you do get a ransomware infection, you can simply restore your data to the last time you saved it rather than paying the ransom or losing the files altogether. Ultimately, by having a backup of your system’s hard drive, you avoid putting yourself and your computer’s data at an unnecessary risk of being lost forever due to the utter destruction of ransomware.

2. Update your software is a must. Double check to make sure all of your operating system and anti-virus/anti-malware programs are set to update automatically.

3. Very important to think before you click an unknown link. Almost all of the ransomware infections attacking individual computers are a result of someone getting fooled into clicking.

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