Encryption Security Tips

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Encryption Security Tips

In the online world encryption disguises data rearranging the data bits so that nobody can read or see the information without the secret key, this key can consist of a password or a digital file, encryption secures plain text as well as any other digital media like photos, videos or software, you can also encrypt a whole operating system.

To secure data, encryption uses mathematic functions known as cryptography algorithms, aka ciphers. Examples of well known cryptography algorithms are AES, Blowfish, Twofish and Serpent.

An encryption algorithm key length indicates its size measured in bits, the length indicating the algorithm strength in bits will always be even (bit is binary unit composed of zeros and ones), these keys are used to control the operation of a cipher.

The more mathematical strength the encryption algorithm has the more difficult it will be to crack it without access to the key but a strong cipher normally requires more computational power, a few seconds of wait might not matter much to the home user but for businesses dealing with thousands of calculations each hour to decrypt/encrypt data in their servers it will mean that more money has to be spent in hardware and electricity.

The importance of choosing a strong password for encryption

Encryption software gathers random data before encrypting your files, aka entropy, the password you use will be part of this random data gathered to cipher the files, hence why it is very important that you choose a long passphrase.

Encryption security tips

  • Always choose an encryption program that uses a standard cipher that has been scrutinised by experts, ex. AES
  • Do not use dictionary words as your password, use a long passphrase made up of capital and small letters with punctuation signs and numbers
  • Do not use the passphrase you use to encrypt your data for anything else like your webmail password or an online forum which security can be compromised
  • Watch out for keyloggers and malware in your computer that could capture your keystrokes and your secret passphrase, use an updated antivirus and firewall
  • Never reveal to anyone your password

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