How to Browse the Internet Safely

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How to Browse the Internet Safely

While you are surfing the Web, you may not realize that you could be picking up spyware, downloading malware, or even visiting fraudulent sites. Think of browsing like taking a walk down town. If you keep on the main streets you’re likely to be in a safe environment ( ex. Goggle, Wikipedia, Youube ) but if you veer off onto the side streets it could lead you to a sketchy place!

Follow these guidelines to protect your personal information and your computer online.

Update Web browsers regularly and enable security features choose “Yes” when browser programs like Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari prompt you to update; current versions of these browsers protect you against security vulnerabilities in older versions. Adjust security settings for Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari browsers to warn you about annoying and potentially dangerous threats to your security, like popups, spyware, and malicious add-ons.

Install protective software protects against spyware that other security tools might miss and it can safely be used with other antimalware programs like Shopos Endpoint Protection Web warns you if a Web page might pose a risk to your security and helps you verify that a page you are about to visit is legitimate.

Guard Personal Information look for signs of an encrypted Web page when providing sensitive personal information (credit card or banking information, SSNs, etc.) online; key identifiers include a URL for the Web site’s login page that begins with “https” and a padlock icon encryption padlock, in your browser status bar.

Be wary of Internet downloads streaming media Web sites might seem harmless, but watching or listening to streaming media may mean downloading a special media player that could contain malware. Downloaded files like software or other media can hide malware on your computer without your knowledge.If a download seems too good to be true, it is—don’t risk it.

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