iTunes Invoice Email Scam

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iTunes Scam

The infamous Apple email scam is making rounds once again! Apple customers are being targeted by a phishing iTunes invoice scam designed to trick them into clicking a link to claim a refund for a purchase they did not make.

An email purporting to be sent from Apple is currently appearing to bill the recipient for $50 plus. The invoice contains the line: ‘If you did not authorize this purchase, please: Click here for Refund in an effort to trick users into entering their Apple ID into a fake login page. After entering their Apple ID and password, victims are then prompted to enter credit or debit card information, including their card number, address and full name.

What to do:

Don’t follow the link. It’s easy for an email to use the logo from a legitimate company in order to look official, but any link you click could take you to a very shady site. Always type the web address manually or click one of your own bookmarks to go to your trusted websites.

Report scams and spam. Some email service providers have a This is Spam button or another method for reporting spam. You can also contact the company (Apple) being misrepresented and report the spam. Another option is to email a report of the spam to the Canadian-Anti Fraud Centre

Get more information and learn about specific scams by visiting the Canadian-Anti Fraud Centre.

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