Warning Signs Of An Email Attack!

Mar 12, 2016 | Security Tips | 0 comments

Warning Signs Of An Email Attack

As Cybercrime becomes more sophisticated the USER now becomes an easy target through an email attack. We’ve seen it all from an email with a fake resume that ended up destroying all the files on an ENTIRE network. To a pop-up message saying that your computer is infected and talk to Microsoft Support by calling 800-GOT-HACKD. When the user dialed a cyber criminal asked them to click on a remote site giving them entry into the system.

You’re probably thinking “this would never happen in my office” however the truth is it happens all the time. With increased phishing we want to make sure your network is secure and your office understands the warning signs of an email attack.

Educate your team with these Red Flags:

1. The Language Just Doesn’t Sound Right  If the language just doesn’t seem to sound right whether there are misspelled words or poor grammar choices made in the email, this is a sign that you might be dealing with a scammer.

2. There is a Sense of Urgency in The Email One thing that scammers do to try and circumvent your rational thought processes is to instill a sense of urgency to their request. They may say that there is something seriously wrong with your account or that your account may have been compromised and that you need to ACT NOW!

3. They Want You to “Verify” Something Scammers aren’t going to just come straight out and ask for your username and password so they can break into your account. They are going to take a different route that allows them to accomplish the same end result without alerting your mental defenses. Most likely the scammers are going to ask you to “verify” your account information. They will probably ask you to fill in a form so they can “verify” your information. But the result is that you are providing the information for them and they are just stealing it.

4. They Use Fear Tactics Another tactic used effectively by scammers is fear. They want you to worry that your money or something else is in danger of being lost so that you won’t be thinking clearly.

5. The E-mail’s Header Seems Very Strange The part of the message which shows the route an email took to reach you is probably going to have some inconsistencies.

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